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Don't have wireless headphones? With this beanie you don't need them anymore!

Listen to music
Built-in wireless stereo speakerphone for hands-free, hands-free music listening without headphones.
Talk on the phone
Built-in microphone so
you can answer
Light up where you walk
5 rechargeable LED lights and
multiple light

About Luminhatt

The perfect combination of Bluetooth headset, torch and warm, comfortable beanie to stay connected to your smartphone and answer important calls, as well as listen to your favourite playlists without getting cold at all.
  • Different brightness levels: 5 rechargeable LED lights adjustable to 50% brightness, 100% brightness and red and blue lights for use when you find yourself in an emergency situation.
  • USB charging and long battery life: With over 4 hours of light and over 10 hours of music playback or talk time.
  • Detachable and washable: The batteries are detachable so you can wash your Luminhatt without hassle.
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Main advantages:

Beanie with LED Flashlight, Bluetooth 5.0 Headset and Microphone
Built-in microphone and headset
Wireless stereo speaker and built-in microphone. Allows you to answer calls tactilely and listen to music hands-free.
5 rechargeable LED lights. Upgraded with 3 modes of adjustment: 50% brightness, 100% brightness and red and blue emergency lights. 
Compatible with iOs and Android
Quick and easy to pair with most smartphones, tablets and other music devices.
Detachable and washable
Batteries can be removed so you can wash it without hassle and continue to use it.
Rechargeable battery
The batteries are long-lasting and can be charged with a computer, power bank, plug, car charger, etc.


Is it compatible with all phones?
The Luminhatt all-in-one hat is compatible with 98% of smartphones.
How long does the battery last?
You can enjoy over 4 hours of light and over 10 hours of music playback or talk time on a full battery charge.
Are they for men or for women?
They are 100% unisex.
How can it be washed?
Just remove the batteries so that it can be washed without any problems.
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I really liked it! The light is powerful and has two positions. The speakers sound very good and the quality is good. On top of that, it arrived much earlier than expected.
It was much better than I expected! The music sounds great, the LED torch is very bright and has a lot of intensity! The Bluetooth ft also works perfectly. I'm very happy and I'm thinking of buying another one for my partner! 
One thing I really liked (I go out cycling and often have problems with these two aspects) is that it connected easily with the Bluetooth and that the torch has good illumination, with two white light powers and a third flashing red and blue one. 
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